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For DVDs and/or CDs of past Conference talks please contact the Honorary Secretary.
All the 2019 Willersley Conference talks are NOW available on ONE DVD. at the price of £5.00 each.

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BK13 NEW TESTAMENT with Keyword Concordance (Blue hardback cover) £18.00
BK14 NEW TESTAMENT without Keyword Concordance £11.00
BK19 OLD TESTAMENT Concordant Version £26.00
BK23 OLD TESTAMENT Former Prophets £10.00
BK47 OLD TESTAMENT Chronicles to Job  (New Large Format) £11.50
BK48 OLD TESTAMENT Latter Prophets   (New Large Format) £13.00
BK59 OLD TESTAMENT Pentateuch (Genesis to Deuteronomy)   (New Large Format) £11.00
BK04 Commentary to Concordant New Testament £14.00
All items All prices are subject to change, and are available while stocks last. All items

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BK01 All in All £7.00
BK02 Christ Triumphant £9.00
BK28 God's Eonian Purpose (hardback) £11.50
BK29 God's Eonian Purpose (paperback) £9.00
BK32 Gospel of Our Salvation £4.50
BK33 The Mystery of the Gospel £7.00
BK35 Check Your Panoply £7.00
BK36 Restitution of All Things £7.00
BK38Spirit, Spirits and Spirituality £6.00


BT03 Christ and Deity £2.00
BT05 Pre-existence of Christ £3.00
BT07 When did the Church begin? £2.00
BT16 The Power of God £1.50
BT17 The Purpose of God £1.50
BT18 The Outcome of Infinite Grace £3.00
BT20 Place of Humanity in God's Purpose £2.00
BT24 Rich Man and Lazarus £2.50
BT25 Saviour of All Mankind £3.00
BT30 Spiritual Gifts for Today £2.50
BT31 How to Scripturally Study the Scriptures £2.50
BT33 Eternal Torment or Universal Reconciliation £3.00
BT46Blasphemy of the Spirit (Unpardonable Sin) £1.00
BT60 Refuse the Refuse (British Israelism) £2.50
BT61Mankind, Soul and Death £3.00

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